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Due to COVID-19 all HIV testing, STD testing, and immunizations have been postponed unti further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

The HIV/STD testing program is in partnership with Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs and South Western Community College in Creston to offer on-site testing. Testing is also offered in the public health offices at Pottawattamie, Mills, Fremont and Montgomery Counties in southwest Iowa.

The public health clinic also provides immunizations through State of Iowa funding, which supports both immunizations and community education. This service is available to both children and adults.

In October 2018, the County opened a permanent clinic location at 600 South 4th Street in Council Bluffs that offers STI testing, treatment and referrals as well as immunization services.

Local health departments prevent disease, promote health and protect the public from health problems and hazards.

Do you:

  • Need help getting your child immunized?

  • Want to learn about the health needs in your community?

  • Need to report a potential health violation?

  • Need sexual health information or testing?


Immunizations or vaccinations help protect us, our children and our community from the spread of infectious diseases.   Childhood immunizations (or an exemption) are required in the state of Iowa to attend school and daycare.  These prevent the spread of contagious diseases including measles, polio, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough or pertussis, and diptheria. 

*to search the Iowa Registry Information System (IRIS) for your immunization record, click here.


Pertussis is very dangerous for babies less than 2 months old.  The CDC recommends pregnant women receive a Tdap with every pregnancy in the beginning of the 3rd trimester.  This vaccination lowers the risk of whooping cough in babies less than 2 months old by 78%, and hospitalizations by 91%.


*CDC website on vaccines and immunizations, click link:

*Five Important Reasons to Immunize your Child, click here for article.


Pottawattamie County Public Health Offers:

Free Immunizations for children 0-18 years of age that are uninsured, underinsured, American Indian, Alaskan Native or have Medicaid. 


Immunizations available that are billed to insurance are: Tdap, Menactra, Influenza


*All appointments have been postponed due to COVID-19 – please call for availability.

Community Health:

The Community Health Needs are assessed every three years through a systematic, data-driven approach to determine the health status, behaviors and needs of Pottawattamie County residents.  This identifies opportunities and challenges for government agencies, community organizations, and health care providers to modify policy to improve health and quality of life. 


The 2018 assessment was conducted in partnership with Douglas, Sarpy, and Cass Counties in Nebraska to obtain both local and metro-area data.  These health departments have been partnering with the United Way of the Midlands, Metropolitan Area Planning Agency, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health, and the Wellbeing Partners (previously Live Well Omaha) to delve deeper into the data and listen to residents, businesses, agencies, schools, and faith communities. 


Across the board, Mental Health came up as the top concern both locally and regionally.   The Community Health Improvement Plan is currently being developed and will address Mental Health in our community.  A Steering Committee made up of local residents, mental health professionals, and partner organizations is working together to design a strategic response to support the mental health of all.  To reduce stigma when experiencing mental health challenges or diagnosis.  To reduce the feeling of being isolated.  To increase community support of mental health.  To connect to resources. To view full report click here.

Mental Health/Aces Call To Action Report


Sexual Health:

Many sexually transmitted diseases and infections show no sign or symptom, and if you’re sexually active, it’s important to know how to stay healthy.  Public Health nurses offer education on sexual health and protection.  Free and Confidential testing, treatment, or referral is available for HIV and common sexually-transmitted infections.  Free condoms are available at the public health office and in the community.    For education or testing information, contact us at 712-242-1155. 


*All appointments have been postponed due to COVID-19 – please call for availability. 


Services provided are:

o   Testing and referral for HIV and Hepatitis C

o   Testing and treatment of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis


For additional resources and to access condoms in the community, click here:





5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices:

How do Iowa kids stay healthy? Through the idea of 5-2-1-0.  It’s a fun way to make being healthy easy.

When it comes to kids, there’s one thing everyone wants-for them to be healthy! That’s why Iowa has created Healthy Choices Count! This keeps kids healthy by focusing on the importance of good habits.  And it all starts by encouraging them to eat and play the right way.



After Hours Clinics:

*All appointments have been postponed due to COVID-19 – please call for availability.

600 South 4th Street
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
(712) 242-1155
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